Behind the Business of BMX Racing

When sports betting giant BK8 last year announced a string of sponsorship deals with Spanish LaLiga high-flyers Real Madrid and England women’s football star Kelly Smith, it signaled a significant change for the company. Not only did they receive the rights to broadcast an international cup match but also to promote a number of other sporting events in Spain and abroad. Today BK8 manages to further expand its reach as it is now involved in the sponsorship of football. For the time being, BK8 is exclusively associated with the promotion of football in Spain.

As part of the new partnership, bk8 will be the exclusive provider of online betting options for LaLiga games. It will also work together with Spanish telecommunications giant telecom giant Iberia de Telecommunication (Iberia) to promote a variety of Iberian events and to open up its brand to new partners across the globe. The goal is to create a unique experience for Spanish fans to enjoy high quality football from the comfort of their homes. BK8 is a great addition to the growing list of companies working in the sponsorship of sports betting and is clearly hoping that expansion of its activities will allow it to tap into new markets.

So far, Iberian telecoms have made a name for themselves in the world of sports betting. They have also worked hard to secure strong customer relationships across Europe and are committed to expanding their reach in other lucrative markets such as Italy and England. In the past, bk8 has only promoted football matches in Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Cyprus, Italy and the Netherlands. These are countries where Iberia’s services have enjoyed great success and which also represents a reasonably reliable target market. Expansion of the business to include other European countries offers great opportunity for bk8 CEO Jose Teijo Joao Lopes to expand into new areas of the world, tapping new revenue streams and potentially new customers.

As part of a long term marketing and sponsorship strategy, the company has signed sponsorship agreements with leading companies such as Wetherspoons, Coca Cola, Gatorade and Lufthansa Airlines. These sponsorships will provide BK8 with significant exposure in Europe and enable it to generate further revenues from sponsorships in Asia, South America and the Middle East. It will be interesting to monitor the success of these sponsorship deals, especially as other potential bk8 sponsors have become more sceptical about placing their financial resources in an unstable business entity such as a non-profit startup like bk8.

In addition to the sponsorship deals with major companies, BK8 is also exploring opportunities to enter into strategic alliances with other Spanish clubs in other countries. Club sponsorship sales represent a very attractive source of revenue for Iberia, having firstly proven the value of the association with its efforts in attracting leading players from across Europe to play in its league. The league is also in the process of building an infrastructure to support the growth of the club both on and off the field. bk8 เว็บตรง In order to drive more people to the game, Iberia is also experimenting with social media strategy in an effort to build its fan base. BK8 has already started a campaign called “La Barca de un amor” (the Barca in the heart) which it describes as a campaign designed to attract more fans to the club and provide an outlet for fans to promote the club in a fun and exciting environment.

Iberian football is proving to be a lucrative venture for corporate sports sponsors. Despite some initial difficulties being experienced by bk8 due to the Spanish property market crash, things are starting to pick up and the club is gradually recovering from the downturn. With the right marketing strategy, the economic model and strong support from the Spanish government, bk8 is set to become a major force on the continent, not just in Spain, but in a number of other major European countries including Italy and France. Its ability to attract major teams like AC Milan and Real Madrid may well give it a push towards European success, something that few people thought possible just 5 years ago.

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