Giving Dragon Artist Credit

Giving Dragon Artist Credit

Soon I will be loading pictures of dragons almost everyday to a website… for every ones personal enjoyment. All of these dragon pictures are NOT to be sold or used for commercial purposes without the artist permission on this site.

I used to go and see web pages that were just pictures of dragons with no Artist credited. I try to put the Artist name with all the posted pictures Also if is hard to say if half the dragon pictures on the internet are copyrighted. If the pictures are copyrighted, or the artist happens to not want their Art posted are able to let me know so I can remove it off the site. For the pictures that have an Unknown artist, it is possible for people to leave a comment with the artist name if they know it.

As an artist myself I feel cheated when my work is used by someone else without giving me credit. By Using work without posting the credited artist, the person that is posting is stealing. I am trying to fix that problem with my site, so that people can find pictures along with the artist.

This is just my small effort to give credit to those who deserve it.
Visit to see my work so far.

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